Through an agreement with the HMDB group at the University of Alberta, Chenomx now offers compound libraries based on data within the HMDB library. We are pleased to credit the Wishart Group at the University of Alberta for the access to the data within the library.

Download this library and get access to about 600 metabolite signatures. These signatures are based on data collected and created by the HMDB group and include the detail available to Chenomx from that HMDB library. We suggest that the concentration data be used for identification and as relative concentrations; when the HMDB spectral entries were collected they did not have the Chenomx library needs in mind.

The following spreadsheet highlights the commonalities and differences between the Chenomx Reference Compounds and these HMDB Compound Packs:

Chenomx and HMDB Compounds.xls

In order to download these libraries using the links below you will need to request a username and password. Use our contact form and fill in your details. A Chenomx representative will respond to you with the credentials you will require to download the HMDB compound packs.

Chenomx Inc

HMDB Compound Packs (Release 2)

Please request access to receive the username and password necessary to download these compound packs. You will need Chenomx NMR Suite 8.1 or later to qualify for access to this library (no additional charges are required).

HMDB Release 2 - Release Notes

These compound packs can be installed quite easily by using the Library -> Add Compounds... wizard and choosing the Import Compounds from External Sources radio button.

Note: If you would prefer that these compounds are not automatically selected when you open a file in Profiler you will need to launch Preferences and click on the Advanced... button. Then paste the following into the text box provided:


HMDB Reference Cards

If you would like to have Reference Card information available when using the HMDB Compound Packs you will need to download the following zip file:

HMDB Reference Cards

Once it is downloaded, extract the contents of the zip file to your Chenomx Reference Card location. This is typically located in your user profile as a folder called "Chenomx Reference Cards". If you are unsure of where this is on your system, open Library Manager's Preferences and you will see the location. You may need to create this folder if you have never used it before. The software should then be restarted to use the new reference cards.