"We quantified metabolites by computer-assisted manual fitting with Chenomx NMR Suite 7.0 (Chenomx, Edmonton, Canada), in order to generate concentration data to compare against, as we regard this as the closest current equivalent to a gold standard for real world samples."

Manuel Liebeke, Jie Hao, Timothy M. D. Ebbels, and Jacob G. Bundy
Manuel Liebeke, Jie Hao, Timothy M. D. Ebbels, and Jacob G. Bundy Imperial College London, From Analytical Chemistry 2013



Chenomx Inc

Why Chenomx?

Used by Metabolomics researchers world-wide, Chenomx NMR Analysis Software works with comprehensive Metabolite Reference Libraries to both identify and measure concentrations of compounds visible in the NMR spectra, all in one integrated workflow. This patented software offers best-in-class concentration measurement, identification and advanced de-convolution of spectra.

Chenomx NMR Analysis Services are available, providing cost effective and efficient solutions for mixture analysis covering:

  • Depleted Growth Media
  • Bio-fluids
  • Food and beverages

"We have been using Chenomx NMR Suite software as a key part of our metabolomics projects for many years and we feel it is the industry standard for metabolite identification and concentration measurement in biological mixtures."

Dr. David Wishart
Dr. David Wishart University of Alberta, TMIC and HMDB lead

How is Chenomx different?

Proprietary spectral libraries for metabolites

ID and concentration measurement in one operation

Deconvolution method exposes overlapped and hidden signals

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