Cost effective and efficient solutions for mixture analysis.

NMR Analysis Services

Chenomx NMR Analysis Services accurately identify and quantify metabolites in mixtures including depleted growth media, food and beverage, as well as bio-fluids.

We have partnered with a certified life science laboratory for sample preparation, and with an establish NMR instrument centre for data acquisition. Chenomx's experienced chemists utilize the software to perform the analysis of the mixtures.

Quality Assurance / Reporting

Analysis Services provide routine workflow that meets high quality standards. Each analysis is passed through a rigorous peer review from spectrum analysis, to assignment and quantification. Chenomx spreadsheet reports reveal concentrations of the measured metabolites in a tabular format.

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Depleted Growth Media

Small-molecule mixture analysis of depleted growth media is an emerging application for NMR-based metabolomics. It offers insight into the efficacy of cell clone selection, media composition, and fermentation process scheduling.

Chenomx Growth Media Services offer a practical and effective method to quickly identify and view the depletion of growth media during fermentation as well as  the intracellular metabolites that have migrated into the media during the process. Cell culture optimization is achieved through experiments with different cell lines and different media.


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Typical Results from Depleted Growth Media

Amido Acids Carboxylic Acids Alcohols and Polyols Nucleotides and Nucleosides Amino Acids Other Metabolites*
19 11 8 3 3 12

*Other Metabolites include Amides, Fatty Acids, Ketone Body Metabolism, Lipid Metabolism, Carbohydrate Metabolism, Hydroxy Acids, Keto Acids, Purine and Pyrimidines

Profiling Spectra

Chenomx NMR Analysis Services are also available to clients who have collected spectra data already. Profiling user spectra is an excellent method to validate internal lab and NMR methods used for spectra collection for training and procedure validation purposes.

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"We discovered and filed a patent on a urine-based colon cancer screening marker pattern using Chenomx targeted profiling methods.”

University of Alberta/Metabolomic Technologies Inc.
University of Alberta/Metabolomic Technologies Inc.

Services: What to Expect

Step 1: Shipping

Samples can be shipped to Chenomx via courier. Proper packaging of samples should include the following: 1. Watertight Primary Receptacles 2. Watertight Secondary Receptacles 3. Absorbent Material 4. Sturdy Outer Packaging (Styrofoam cooler) 5. Package in dry ice

Your research organization most likely has rules and procedures for correct shipping of biological samples and will be your best source for detailed shipping information. It is a serious issue to fail to follow those procedures when shipping samples.

Volume Requirements for NMR Analysis: Preferred raw sample volumes are 1 mL for standard analysis. This allows for filtering of the samples (where required) and use of approximately 630 uL of sample for analysis. In cases where a volume of 1 mL is not available, somewhat lower sensitivity of analysis may result. Please inquire in those conditions.

Chenomx accepts samples for analysis that are non-infections research bio-fluids. These samples do not have onerous requirements for shipment but must meet the shipper’s packaging requirements. In the case of infectious clinical samples, Chenomx accepts only category B infectious samples, those that are not in a form generally capable of causing permanent disability or life-threatening disease in otherwise healthy humans or animals. Chenomx, nor most of the shipping companies, will not accept category A of infectious substances.

For more information regarding packaging visit: FedEx Clinical Packaging Guide UPS information on Biological Substances World Courier

Shipping Address of Chenomx Lab Partner:
Attn: Bernadette Beadle
#4170 – 10230 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5J 4P6

Download Complete Sample Shipping Instructions


Step 6: Deliverables for projects

Deliverables for projects done as contracts with Chenomx include all experimental data that can be used to recreate and verify the results.  They include:

– Description of the experimental conditions.

– Excel spreadsheet of the profiling results for all the samples in the batch.

– NMR FID files as produced by the NMR instrument. (on request)

– NMR spectra in Chenomx CNX format that have been profiled by an experienced Chenomx scientist. (on request)

– Excel spreadsheet of all steps in the sample preparation process including any dilutions that have occurred. (on request)


Step 2: Sample Preparation / Filtration

The first step for sample preparation is filtration of of the samples with a 3 KDa filter. Note that urine does not require a filtration step.

See SOP numbers C001 and C002 for details or visit the SOP page.

Step 3: Sample Preparation / Measuring and Mixing

After filtration, an internal standard is added at a precise ratio. Lower volume raw samples may have dilution required. The NMR-ready mixture is then added to an NMR tube.

See SOP numbers C004 and C005 for further information for different sample types. L001 describes the proper transfer process of the NMR ready sample to the NMR tubes.

Step 4: NMR data acquisition

NMR spectral data is acquired on a high-resolution 600 MHz or 700 MHz NMR instrument.

See SOP N007 for more detail on the NMR parameters.

Step 5: Analysis using Chenomx NMR Suite

The spectral data is analyzed via Chenomx NMR Suite. The analysis consists of both identifying and profiling the metabolites,  a second analysis follows to compare the results in all spectra for quality assurance. Finally, results are exported to an excel spreadsheet for use in any statistical programs or reports that are required by the research team.

Planning on submitting samples? Download our Terms & Conditions

Request a Services Consultation

Request Chenomx Services for small molecule metabolite measurements in aqueous mixtures (urine, serum, plasma and depleted growth media). Choose between two options:

1) Turn Key Analysis: Chenomx prepares your raw samples and acquires data on a high field NMR. The acquired data will then be processed, profiled, and reported to the client.

2) Spectral analysis only: Processing, Profiling and Reporting on NMR spectra data already acquired by the client (using accepted acquisition parameters)