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Step 1: Shipping

13 January 2020 Eric Taylor Comments Off on Step 1: Shipping -- FAQ - Services

Samples can be shipped to Chenomx via courier. Proper packaging of samples should include the following: 1. Watertight Primary Receptacles 2. Watertight Secondary Receptacles 3. Absorbent Material 4. Sturdy Outer Packaging (Styrofoam cooler) 5. Package in dry ice

Your research organization most likely has rules and procedures for correct shipping of biological samples and will be your best source for detailed shipping information. It is a serious issue to fail to follow those procedures when shipping samples.

Volume Requirements for NMR Analysis: Preferred raw sample volumes are 1 mL for standard analysis. This allows for filtering of the samples (where required) and use of approximately 630 uL of sample for analysis. In cases where a volume of 1 mL is not available, somewhat lower sensitivity of analysis may result. Please inquire in those conditions.

Chenomx accepts samples for analysis that are non-infections research bio-fluids. These samples do not have onerous requirements for shipment but must meet the shipper’s packaging requirements. In the case of infectious clinical samples, Chenomx accepts only category B infectious samples, those that are not in a form generally capable of causing permanent disability or life-threatening disease in otherwise healthy humans or animals. Chenomx, nor most of the shipping companies, will not accept category A of infectious substances.

For more information regarding packaging visit: FedEx Clinical Packaging Guide UPS information on Biological Substances World Courier

Shipping Address of Chenomx Lab Partner:
Attn: Bernadette Beadle
#4170 – 10230 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5J 4P6

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