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What is the “Maximum Concentration” column for in Profiler?

17 May 2016 admin Comments Off on What is the “Maximum Concentration” column for in Profiler? FAQ - Profiling Spectra

‘Maximum Concentration’ is a column in the compound table in Profiler. It is meant
to be used as a guideline to help the user select the compounds that likely have the highest
concentrations in the mixture.

For a given compound, it is the maximum concentration that compound can be set at such that
none of its peak clusters, within their respective transform window will exceed the experimental
spectrum signals. This does not consider potential overlapping compounds so will always be an
amount larger than the final value calculated after fitting all the signals.

Sorting the compound table by this column can provide a helpful order for fitting. Once all the compounds have been fit the maximum concentration for that compound is no longer a useful parameter.


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