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Chenomx NMR Suite is an integrated set of tools for identifying and quantifying metabolites in NMR spectra. By combining sophisticated chemistry with advanced algorithms, Chenomx NMR Suite offers a metabolic profiling platform with unparalleled power and ease-of-use.

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Targeted Profiling Technology

Chenomx NMR Analysis Software simplifies the measurement of biological mixture components using an extensive Metabolite Reference Library. The software configures the Library to the experimental spectrum's NMR field strength and sample conditions, and through both automated and supervised operations, de-convolutes the spectral signatures of the components in the mixture. Identified components are the 'subtracted' from the experimental spectrum and the remaining spectral peaks are isolated for further comparison.


The result is that 1D H NMR spectra can be turned into tables of identified compounds and their concentration in a convenient and straightforward way.

“We measure the nutrient profile of various feed components that are available to us for our commercial feed products. We use Chenomx software to help us measure the concentration of those nutrients and give us a way to manage the nutrient value and production cost.”

Dr. Richard Taylor
Dr. Richard Taylor EWOS/Cargill Norway

Software Features



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Calibrate Your Spectrum

Chenomx Processor converts various spectrum formats into the Chenomx file format, including Agilent, Bruker, JEOL, JCAMP-DX, Mestrelab, and NMRPipe. It also provides many tools to process your spectra including:

  • Phase Correction
  • Baseline Correction
  • Shim Correction
  • Region Deletion





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Profile Your Spectra

Chenomx Profiler is used to identify compounds and quantify their concentrations based on data in an NMR spectrum. Key features include:

  • Comprehensive pH sensitive reference compounds
  • Computer assisted metabolite assignment and fitting
  • Spectral binning
  • Spectral overlays
  • Multiple file concentration exports
  • Detailed reference resources for library compounds






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Manage Your Compound Library

 Chenomx Library Manager allows you to create and manage Compound Sets for use in Profiler. Compound Sets allow you to:

  • Customize a list of compounds for a specific biofluid
  • Filter and narrow your list of interesting compounds
  • Manage your own custom compounds





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Simulate Compound Spin Systems

Chenomx Spin Simulator is a powerful tool for creating and manipulating simulations of compound spin systems. Use Chenomx Spin Simulator to:

  • See your simulation update in real time
  • Determine the coupling relationships between nuclei
  • Calculate j-coupling constants between nuclei






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Create Custom Compounds

Chenomx Compound Builder lets you create your own powerful mathematical models of custom NMR compounds. It includes a number of tools to make this task easier, such as:

  • Automatic cluster fit and optimization
  • pH curve modelling
  • Equation based peak parameters




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Export Your Results

Chenomx features data exporting functionality suitable for use in your research and publications.

Data exports to excel format, image export for publications, saving of profiling results as templates for other projects and more.

Version 8.4 Highlights


New Reporting Software from Chenomx » We are pleased to announce the release of DiscoverM, software for statistical analysis and reporting of data for Chenomx NMR Suite data. This software has been developed together with researchers at the University of Alberta and is available at no extra charge. Chenomx users who are licensed to use Chenomx NMR Suite version 8.4. will be able to export spectral results from project files to DiscoverM.  Please refer to for more detail.

New Export to DiscoverM Feature » We've added an Export to DiscoverM feature to Profiler. This feature will export concentrations from a group of files in Profiler to be used in our new statistical analysis and reporting software, DiscoverM.

Improved Bruker Processing » We've improved our processing of Bruker FIDs to significantly reduce "smile" effects at the edges of the processed spectrum.

Improved All User Licensing » We've simplified the process of licensing Chenomx NMR Suite for all users of a computer on macOS and Linux.

Numerous Updates and Fixes » We've updated our Java environment to the latest version of Java 9 and fixed numerous small issues.

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