Video Tutorials

Please use these video tutorials as an introduction to Chenomx software modules. For additional support, check the User Guide, the Frequently Asked Questions, and for additional information on sample preparation, use our Standard Operating Procedures. Written tutorials are also included within the software package.

Ensure your YouTube settings are set to 'high resolution' before watching, and click the CC icon for subtitles.

‘Tune up’ your NMR spectra to optimize the Chenomx Profiling results. Includes importing NMR data files, phase, shim and baseline correction, CSI and pH calibration.

Identify and measure the concentration of metabolites within the mixture. Many computer assisted functions, batch management of groups of spectra for studies, binning, export of data for further analysis.

Modify or add new compounds to the Chenomx

Support for creating library subsets and adding
custom entries to the libraries.

Batching allows you to apply uniform changes to groups of spectra for consistent processing and profiling results.

Pack Files allow you to create lists of compound signatures for easy transfer between different Chenomx users or projects.

Spectrum Overlay allows you to easily compare numerous CNX files at once.