Chenomx sells certified internal standard solution for adding to mixtures for NMR acquisition and analysis using Chenomx NMR Suite. This solution is certified for concentration accuracy using a separate NIST certified standard. This rigorous process was designed to eliminate concentration errors due to the hygroscopic nature of DSS salt.

We recommend our customers to use 10% of our certified ISTD solution with their samples. (for example 70 uL IS-1 or IS-2 + 630 uL sample for a total of 700 uL available for the NMR-ready sample in the case of typical 5 mm tubes).

Note: IS-2 is offered since deuterated DSS has a simpler NMR 1D signature making it easier to work with using the Chenomx software.

Standard Solution Description Price - 50ml (USD) Price - 4 x 50ml (USD)
IS-2 Chenomx Internal Standard - DSS-d6 Contains deuterated DSS (DSS-d6) and sodium azide in D2O at pH 7.0 (DSS concentration of 5 mM) 50 mL - $300 Plus Shipping 4x50 mL - $960 Plus Shipping

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