New Simulated Reference Compounds » 7 new compound libraries have been simulated and are now available in our Reference Library! They are available on the following Add Compounds Wizard page in Library Manager.

Numerous Updates and Fixes » We've updated our Java environment to the latest version of Java 8 and fixed a number of small issues in Processor and Profiler.

New Pivot Point Phasing » We've added Pivot Point functionality to our Phase Correction tool in Processor. Once you have corrected a peak shape with the Zero-order Phase slider you can turn on the Use Pivot Point checkbox and position the new line on the graph to define your pivot point. While you adjust the First-order Phase, Processor will then keep the phasing line shape correct at your pivot point by automatically adjusting the corresponding Zero-order Phase.

Improved Generate Cluster for Region and Optimize Peak Shapes » We've improved our automated cluster generation algorithm as well as our peak shape optimization routines. The generated clusters have more realistic peak shapes and composition.