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Version 9 Now Available!

Version 9 of Chenomx NMR Suite adds enhanced drag and drop support, native support for the Apple M1 Chip, and Enhanced Preference Settings.


  • Improved Automatic Phasing.
  • Batch import of Sample pH Information from Excel workbooks.


  • Improved Automatic Concentration Fitting for both batched and individual spectra.
  • Export of statistical Standard Deviation Errors for building Confidence Indices
  • Much improved MetaProfile Importing. (allows for selection of specific compounds)
  • Improved Compound Searching within Spectral Regions.


Download Complete V9 Release Notes

Chenomx Condensed Guide

Chenomx NMR Suite Condensed User Guide
The Condensed User Guide is a 3-page document compiling Sample Preparation, NMR Acquisition, as well as a step-by-step Processing, Profiling, and Reporting Procedure. Reviewing and following these steps prior to Acquiring your NMR Data will significantly improve the accuracy of your results.  

Download Chenomx Condensed Guide 2021